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When Should I Change My Pickleball Shoes? When To Replace Your Court Shoes?

You might be surprised to wonder why you need to replace your pickleball shoes when you have invested in expensive options. Although your pair of shoes is the most dependable and you have worn them for months, they are starting to show wear. 

So like any other product, the pickleball shoes come with an expiration date. You know when they are completely worn out and when your shoes must be changed. Playing with damaged footwear can compromise movement and your game.

So if you want to know when you should change your pickleball shoes, read on to find out why. 

4 Reasons You Should Change Your Pickleball Shoes

With regular pickleball shoes, the soles of the shoes are more in contact with the ground on which you want to play. This is why the soles of pickleball shoes wear out much faster than any other boots.

This is because the courts of pickleball games are sometimes made of concrete as they are much stricter and rougher, more complex than the indoor courts. So if you don’t want to slip while playing over the place and cause premature wear and tear on your shoes, it’s a good time to replace them with new ones when they wear down. 

Here are the reasons why you should change your pickleball shoes. 

1. Right Shoes Help to Play Better

Similar to the shoes that can offer you injuries, the proper shoes can help you to play better games.

When Should I Replace My Pickleball Shoes

For instance, if you wear shoes characterized by traction, you can move on the court more efficiently, as this will benefit your opponent, especially if they need to be wearing proper shoes. 

2. Wrong Shoes Lead to Injuries

As pickleball is a low-impact sport, it does mean that you do not face risks and damages.

Going for the wrong pair of shoes can significantly increase the chances of injuries, especially when playing on hard concrete court floors. 

3. Right Shoes Help to Stay Dry and Cool

Wear shoes with proper ventilation in a hot climate is essential to keep your feet dry and cool. It means that they should be made with synthetic material so that there should be a way for air to go in and out.

If you do not go for proper shoes, your feet will start to sweat and thus become uncomfortable and wet most of the time. 

4. Proper Shoes Help to Keep Safe

While playing pickleball, it is vital to know the surroundings all the time. If you use the wrong footwear, it will be tough to move easily and quickly because you need to protect yourself from injury. 

When Should I Replace My Pickleball Shoes

Sometimes, you cannot indicate the signs to replace your pickleball shoes, as they only need the replacement of plaster on their soles in their bold prints, but there can be such a pair of shoes that can withstand many issues. 

So, identifying the signs at the right time can help make the right decision to replace the damaged shoes with new ones. 

Therefore, when should I replace my pickleball shoes? 

The Colors Start To Fade

Specific pickleball shoes come in different colors regarding outsoles and material under the shoe. So if you notice a discolouration in the outsole or it becomes one color, you will know it’s time to run out with these shoes. 

While court shoes are characterized by a layer of heavy cushioning material in the midsole and undersold, this hard rubber is beneficial as it prevents treads from wearing down on the pickleball game quickly. 

Outsoles Worn Out

If you own a pickleball shoe and think how long lifespan shoes come with, you can get out of it. You should know that the most apparent indicator is how much tread is on the outsole’s upper half under the shoe. 

When Should I Replace My Pickleball Shoes

Moreover, a squashed rubber outsole is another warning symptom of replacing your old shoe. Any part of the bottom of the outsole without a tread pattern indicates that your pickleball shoe will no longer offer you stability, traction, and support as they previously provided. 

Further, the movements during the game cause the rubber in the shoe’s outsole to wear out and degrade at the fastest. Some players also notice more wear and tear on the heels of the boots as much weight is on the heel.

So this is the solid reason and sign for replacing your pickleball shoes as a must. 

Shoes Are Not The Ideal

Compared to heavier ones, lightweight pickleball shoes may offer more comfort, but the short lifespan is the most common drawback. The occasional player does not want to opt and should not go for ultra-light shoes, especially in the case of rare play games.

While the frequent players can wear light shoes like a hot knife through butter. 

Therefore, to get maximized performance and durability, regular or occasional players opt for proper and durable pairs of footwear to enhance their abilities.  

Shoes Fail The Surface Test

Lack of performance regarding pickleball shoes is very frustrating sometimes. If your feet are getting most of the time, it adds misery to your game. By going for a surface test, you notice that your shoes are the culprits of your pain and injury.

Lay down your shoes on a flat surface upside down. You can see any apparent crease on one side or any uneven symptoms on the bottom of the soles.

When to Change pickleball Shoes

So, identifying these common signs can help you buy a new pair of shoes or repair them. Continuously playing with broken shoes is different from enjoying and excelling in the game to the fullest. 

How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Pickleball Shoes?

There are some ways by which you can know that it is the right time to change or replace your pickleball shoes like:

  • Look at the soles of your shoes to see if they are worn out or become bared
  • Secondly, if your shoes are causing you discomfort and injuries

When To Replace/Change Your Court Shoes

You can quickly know when to replace the court shoes, whether pickleball, tennis or any other game shoe. If your boots offer signs of damage like the inner material getting damaged or the outsole not providing traction, it’s time to replace your pickleball court shoes. 

Here are the significant reasons why you should change your pickleball court shoes.

  • If your court shoe is displaying regular creasing.
  • It shows signs of roughness and unevenness when placed on a flat surface.
  • They do not offer stability and traction after 300 to 500 miles of usage.

How Can I Tell If My Pickleball Shoes Are Worn Out?

Knowing the pickleball shoes are worn out is challenging sometimes, but not impossible. There are many such aspects through which you can identify that your shoes are worn out, like:

  • When the shock absorbent ability in the midsole of the shoes is reduced.
  • When the outsole is compressed so much.
  • If you feel discomfort in your toe and heels, it shows that something goes wrong with the inner of the shoe.
  • If you see any uneven aspects in the inner and outer soles, it signifies wearing the shoe.
  • The obvious creasing signs in the shoe are a time to replace them.


How long should pickleball shoes last?

Generally, pickleball shoes last for 60 hours of play before they break down. If you play pickleball once a week for two hours continuously, then you will need a new pair of shoes about twice per year, 

When should I get new pickleball shoes?

When you notice the outsoles of your shoes are worn out, it’s the best time to change your pickleball shoes. When the outer sole of your shoe, made of hard rubber, has diminished into the midsole, it’s an ideal time to replace or change your shoe. 


As stated in the blog, when should I change my pickleball shoes? It depends on many scenarios you will play, like indoors or outdoors. For aggressive players, their pickleball shoes should be replaced very frequently, like after 3 to 4 months, mainly when they use the shoes regularly. 

While for occasional players or non-aggressive players, they can use their shoes for a longer time. 

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