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Simone Jardim Net Worth to Career, Height, and Future in 2023

We find inspiration in learning about Simone Jardim’s net worth, which stands at $25.6 million. I’m sure you, too, will discover motivation from her remarkable journey.

This article not only delves into her net worth but also explores details about her height, husband, career, age, and the choice of her pickleball paddle.

Additionally, we uncover information about Simone Jardim’s husband and his career, providing a comprehensive look into the facets that contribute to her success and influence in the world of pickleball.

  • Born: November 7, 1979
  • Age: 44 years
  • College: Fresno State University
  • Resides: Naples, FL
  • Country (sports): Brazil, United States
  • Highest Ranking: No. 1
  • Height: 5′ 8″
  • Plays: Right-handed
  • Net Worth: $25.6 Millions
Simone Jardim


Where is Simone Jardim from? Simone’s journey into sports began in Brazil, and it took a transformative turn when she was recruited to join the Fresno State tennis team in the US. Excelling in her college tennis career, she ascended to the top of the NCAA doubles ranking.

However, her life would pivot towards pickleball when she discovered the sport during her time in Michigan. What started as a recreational activity soon evolved into a profound passion and an entirely new career path.

Pickleball Ranking

Simone Jardim, the accomplished Brazilian-born pickleball player, has left an indelible mark on the sport. With an impressive career that spans singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles, Simone stands out as the only pro open player to secure gold in all three major competitions—Nationals, US Open, and Tournament of Champions.

Furthermore, Simone Jardim serves as a mentor to Catherine Parenteau, providing instruction and guidance in the intricacies of the pickleball game.

Net Worth

While exact details about Simone Jardim’s net worth of 25.6 million dollars in the last year of 2022 may not be widely disclosed, her remarkable accomplishments in pickleball and her dedication to coaching undeniably contribute to her esteemed position in the sport.

As a player who has excelled across all major pickleball categories, Simone’s impact transcends the court, showcasing her influence not only as an athlete but also as a significant figure in the broader pickleball community.

Simone Jardim’s impact in the world of pickleball is not only marked by her gold-medal triumphs but also by her commitment to sharing knowledge. Continuing to coach, she imparts her skills to countless campers each year, solidifying her legacy as a respected figure in the pickleball community.


Simone Jardim’s wiki illuminates her diverse sports background, starting from her roots in Brazil to becoming a tennis standout in the US. Her coaching career at Michigan State’s women’s tennis team marked a significant chapter before her serendipitous encounter with pickleball, altering the course of her professional life.


In addition to her illustrious career, Simone Jardim has ventured into organizing training programs through Simone Camps. The 2024 schedule is eagerly awaited, promising exciting opportunities for pickleball enthusiasts.

Moreover, you can immerse yourself in Simone’s world by purchasing her favorite outfits and paddles, and for those seeking hands-on training, joining her programs is an option. To further connect with Simone’s passion for pickleball, she has also established her store, “SimonePickleballCamps,” adding another dimension to her impactful career.

Simone Jardim Husband

Simone Jardim is happily married to Chad Edwards, and together they have two children. The couple shares a life beyond the pickleball courts, finding joy in their family and the experiences they create together.

Simone Jardim Husband

Chad Edwards, Simone’s spouse, adds another dimension to her life, complementing her achievements on the court with the support and companionship of a loving family.


Is Simone Jardim still married?

Simone Jardim is still married. She resides in Naples, Florida, and shares her life with her husband, Chad Edwards, with whom she has two children. Their family life in Naples reflects a continued partnership and commitment between Simone Jardim and Chad Edwards.

Does Simone Jardim have children?

Yes, Simone Jardim has two children. She is married to Chad, and together they have a family that includes two children named Alexas and Landon, along with four dogs.

Where is Simone Jardim from?

Simone Jardim hails from Santa Maria, Brazil. She graduated from Fresno State in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications and journalism, specializing in public relations.

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