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Hurricane Tyra Black Player Net Worth, Age, Career and Ranking

Don’t be so passionate about knowing all about a talented African pickleball player, Tyra Black, as I am here to guide you in this regard to the full extent. Never in tennis history have there been as many promising outstanding players as there are today in the gaming world,  like Tyra.

You will be surprised to see that Hurricane Tyra’s black net worth is 2.42 million.  

If some of you haven’t heard of Tyra black, also known as Hurricane  Tyra, that’s all about someone unique and changed. 

So, in the celebration of Black History Month, here is a look at one of those players following in the tradition of Althea Gibson and Ather Ashe.

Don’t you think who is on the cusp of breaking through and leaving her imprint on the top ranks of the professional game other than Hurricane Tyra Black? 

So, let’s dive into the interesting details.

Tyra Black Bio

  • Full name: Tyra black
  • Nationality: African American and native American Native
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inch
  • Playing style: aggressive
  • Paddle: Selkirk Synergy LX
  • Career wins -loss record: 114: 39
  • Titles on USA Pickleball Tour: 10
  • World ranking: 10
  • World ranking score: 10
  • Notable achievements: Two times pan American pickleball championships and gold medalist
  • USA pickleball national team member: yes
  • First big tournament win: 2017
  • Pickleball Debut: 2015

Getting to know Hurricane Tyra Black

Fourteen-year-old right-hander Hurricane Tyra Black is the younger sister of Tornado Alicia Black, 17 years old, the former Top 5 ranked junior and 1013 US open girls.

A 22-year-old dynamo deeply rooted in tennis before making her move into the pickleball world, Tyra stormed onto the scene, showcasing her powers and abilities in tennis. She had some impressive accomplishments in tennis before taking her place as a professional pickleball player. 

Moreover, she got 5 ITF in women’s singles and 2 ITF in women’s doubles, a testament to her dedication and skill on the pickleball court. 

Hurricane Tyra Black Height

Tyra black is pretty tall, with 5 feet and 8 inches, as being tall helps her in pickleball because she can reach far shots and can hit the ball stronger. Her height shows how athletic and fit she is. She has an awesome physique and shape and moves fast on the pickleball court. 

Hurricane Tyra Black’s Net Worth

According to the latest research, Tyra Black’s net worth in  2023 was 2.43 million, and it was 2.18 million in 2022. These figures have risen due to her winning appeals and achievements in the said game. As in 2021 Tyra Black’s net worth is 1.94 Million, and in 2021 it was  1.7 Million. 


Tyra’s connection to the world of pickleball and tennis racquet sports runs deep. It is a tale of a talented sports girl that reflects the power of athletic genes and a strong love for the game. It was not only due to her sister Tornado Black, an esteemed tennis player in her own right, but also introduced by her father Sylvester Black, a professional tennis player hailing from Jamaica. 

With such a rich heritage steeped in sportsmanship, there is no denying that Tyra Black has shined as a force to be reckoned with, embodying the legacy of athleticism that runs in her blood.

Professional Career

Singles Event

Tyra Black started her professional career in 2017, and to date, her highest career in singles ranking is 122, which she got in June 2022. In this event, she got a prize worth $ 163, 064. 

In 2021, Black made the second round of the US Open, and it was the best result in the Grand Slam single event. 

Doubles Event

In events doubles, she has found more success as compared to singles, and their highest score in this regard is ranked at 89, which she achieved on June 20, 2022. In this, she has earned a total of $ 158, 116 as a prize.

On the ITF circuit, black has won three doubles, and her first title came in 2018 at the $25,000 event in Sumter. South Carolina, where she was teamed with American Victoria Duval. In 2019, she won her second title at the $25000 Daytona Beach, Florida.

In addition, her latest tournament was in 2021 at the $25000 in Orlando, Florida, with the American player Alexa Glatch. 

Mixed Doubles Career

Her most successful events were also in mixed doubles, where she has reached the third round of US Open mixed doubles twice. In 2019 and 2021.

In 2019, she played with the American Ernesto Escobedo, and in 2021, she teamed up with Australian Max Purcell.

Hurricane Tyra Black Parents

Sylvester black tennis and Gayal Black are the parents of Hurricane Tyra Black. Sylvester Black has played for the Jamaican Davis Cup team and is now working as a teaching professional and expert. Bot says that the names given to their daughters are all part of the longer plan for them. 

Sly says that it was part of the plan when the girls were younger, but it made more sense as they got older. 

It was a joke, but it turned out to be a big deal. 

Yes! Hurricane and Tornado are names for marketing purposes, but that’s a big part of it nowadays, and if you get a big, good, and strong name, all the better. 

Gaya said she doesn’t want her daughters labeled as the next Venus and Serena Williams, though that is precisely how they describe themselves in their profiles on InvolvedFan.com. A Kickstarter site for athletes is also available, as well as Gayal’s website. 

In the New York Post, she said, I just want myself to be unique and do my own thing and not follow others. 

Hurricane Tyra Black Sister

Tyra Black’s sister is named Tornado Black and got her nickname at the age of three because of their marketable athletic nature in the pickleball game. By all accounts, she was the best in the game throughout her career and loved tennis the most. 

In addition, Tornado made the finals of the US, open juniors, but there is still a savory, stage parent element to all of this.  

More FAQs

Who is the black girl pickleball player?

Tyra Black is a great pickleball player, tall and strong, and plays aggressively. She is a native of American descent, African -American, which is very rare in the sport of pickleball. She is ranked at the top in the women’s singles, and she is a member of the USA Pickleball National Team. 

Why is Tyra Black called a Hurricane?

At the age of three, Tyra black was nicknamed Hurricane because her parents attempted to make them more marketable as professional tennis. Second, the name was given to her because her parents, Gayal black and Sly, nicknamed their daughters Tornado and hurricane tyra black tennis because of their aggressive style in the pickleball game.

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