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Can You Wear Shoes For Pickleball?

It is a fact that without wearing proper shoes, you cannot play pickleball. Proper athletic footwear offers stability and helps prevent injuries while playing pickleball. So, it is essential to opt for the right pair of shoes whether you play in a professional pickleball tournament or at a backyard game or recreational center.

So you can start to try for more specific shoes for pickleball available in the market, but you can also opt for any other type of shoe for the game that can be used in pickleball court surfaces, as these floors can be hard made of concrete or soft surfaces like grassy ones. 

Therefore, knowing about Can you wear shoes for pickleball will cover the following topics. 

Can You Wear Shoes For Pickleball?

Certainly, wearing the right shoes for pickleball, especially on indoor courts, is crucial for optimal performance and safety. When playing on indoor pickleball courts, it’s essential to choose shoes that provide excellent traction, stability, and support.

The ideal footwear options for indoor pickleball courts include indoor tennis shoes, specialized indoor pickleball shoes, indoor squash shoes, and indoor volleyball shoes. These shoes are designed for indoor court sports and offer features that can enhance your gameplay.

Can You Wear Shoes For Pickleball

For instance, the Babolat Men’s Shadow Tour Indoor Shoes are an excellent choice. These shoes are specifically designed for indoor sports, including pickleball. They offer features like non-marking outsoles to protect the court surface, cushioning for comfort during lateral movements, and a secure fit to help you maintain stability while playing.

Wearing proper indoor court shoes like these not only improves your performance but also helps prevent injuries by reducing the risk of slipping or twisting your ankle during quick movements. So, investing in the right shoes is a smart decision for any pickleball player looking to excel on indoor courts.

Why Every Pickleball Player Wear Pickleball Shoes

Pickleball shoes are the best protective gear that should be used for the game because of their added stability and durability. There are two apparent and dominant reasons for wearing pickleball and court shoes for this unique and exciting game. 


Pickleball shoes are suitable for your body’s safety and gear for added performance in the game. The reason is that the boots are specially made for lateral movements in the court.

The shoes have unique tread designs on the outsoles that help make easy movements in the sport’s court. 


The most important for which it is necessary to wear pickleball shoes is protection and safety. That is why pickleball shoes are designed especially for this innovative game. These shoes are made to start quickly, move on and stop on the pickleball court. 

Furthermore, the shoes are constructed for lateral movements because they are sturdy and heavy compared to running or walking shoes. The running shoes are built for heel to toe, moving forward directions. 

Why Every Pickleball Player Wear Pickleball Shoes

The more sturdy and firm shoe will improve the safety level of the player on the court. It will allow you to be more stable while moving the courts and absorbing shocks in the case of accidents and damages. 

The shock absorption in the show will decrease the risk of pain in your ankles, knees, and feet lower back, thus making pickleball shoes the best option for intense gameplay.

So, for these two reasons, top pickleball shoes are worth the environment.

Can You Wear Indoor Pickleball Shoes Outdoors?

While looking for pickleball shoes, the type of surface you want to play plays a vital role in the game. 

For example, suppose you are a particular outdoor player of a pickleball game. In that case, you should not only select pickleball shoes specially constructed for this game, but you can also go for tennis shoes because hard surfaces are placed in both these games. 

However, you should remember that some tennis shoes are made for clay and mud surfaces and courts instead of hard surface courts.  

In addition, if you are an indoor player of pickleball who is habitual of playing the game on the gym floor surface, you can also opt for volleyball shoes made for similar court surfaces. 

So, in short, the surfaces of the pickleball court play important, so selecting your preferred pair of shoes is also vital.

Pickleball Shoes VS Athletic Shoes

As discussed earlier. Pickleball shoes come with innovative and unique features that are helpful for pickleball payers to play with high performance with added safety. Simply put, they are specially designed for quick starts and stops on the court.

In addition, pickleball shoes are sturdy and heavy, still allow for unrestricted mobility and quick moves, and come with extra cushioning for shock absorption on rigid surfaces. They also keep your feet comfortable on challenging terrains and surfaces and closer to the ground. On the bottom of the pickleball shoes is a unique tread pattern to help out for high traction.

Pickleball Shoes VS Athletic Shoes

In contrast to pickleball shoes, athletic shoes like walking or running shoes are made for other routine activities. For example, running shoes are made for heel-to-toe movements, for forward and backward movements, and built for high speed because they are light in weight rather than have stability. 

These shoes also feature tread patterns on the bottom of the outsoles for traction, reliable performance, and efficiency in running and walking. This is why athletic shoes are unsuitable for pickleball games because they are not made for these activities.

Secondly, athletic or running shoes are inferior to pickleball shoes, as they affect your body, safety, and performance on the pickleball court. 

Also, on the flip side, pickleball shoes are best for playing pickleball games but not for running and walking activities. So only wear pickleball shoes while playing this game, but not for prolonged running workouts.

What Aspects To Consider While Purchasing Pickleball Shoes

If you are ready to wear typical pickleball shoes on the court for playing this game, look for the following aspects.


You should also look for the falling apart feature, which lasts at least 60 hours of a pickleball day.


Comfort is the foremost factor to consider in pickleball shoes as they should give you blisters and burns in your feet. 


Always think that your pickleball shoes go with your playing style because everyone loves to have a bit of style in their shoes. 


Look for the budget while opting for pickleball shoes; there are better ideas than planning to buy expensive shoes.


Look for the budget you have for your shoes because buying shoes that come out of your pocket is not a good idea.

Therefore, searching for the best pickleball shoes needs some trial and error because everyone wants to have five factors to look for. As discussed above, whether a beginner or professional player loves the unique pair of shoes that helps to offer you safety and performance on the pickleball court.

Why Court Shoes For Pickleball Game?

Court shoes are better for pickleball games than tennis shoes because they do not protect you while moving fast twists, turns, and twists during prolonged and intense gameplay.

So opt for the excellent quality court shoe specially designed for indoor play. The reason is that the court shoe is not so bulky and heavy that you can’t carry it easily and has a bend at the toe box and not at the centre of the shoe. 

Why Court Shoes For Pickleball Game

Therefore, selecting a court shoe will offer added stability, traction, performance, and comfort, thus keeping your feet and ankles less stressed during the play.

What Makes a Sneaker Good For a Pickleball Game 

If you want to use regular sneakers to play a pickleball game, the shoes should have the following key features to offer players the best experience on the court. 

  • The sneaker should be optimized with a low profile and offer features for making lateral movements. Moreover, the shoes should provide a good level of traction and support.
  • Secondly, the sneaker should offer good breathability so that the players feel comfortable for prolonged periods without discomfort.
  • Last but not least, the factor is that the sneaker should be made to withstand wear and tear in both indoor and outdoor gameplay.   The shoe’s outsole should be durable and constructed well for repeated impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you walk in pickleball shoes?

Pickleball shoes are specially made for this game, not for running or running or walking. So if you are in a pickleball court, only wear pickleball shoes and not for extended walking, running, and any different workouts. 

What type of tennis shoes do you need for pickleball?

The tennis shoes feature thicker soles that can hold up the hard court surfaces and are the best option for a pickleball game. These shoes have a herringbone pattern that offers the best traction and stability for hard court surfaces. The best tennis shoe, known for its hard surfaces, can work well in pickleball courts. 

What should I wear to play pickleball?

The pickleball game is demanding because it involves your whole body, so you should wear comfortable gear to move on quickly. The tops and bottoms need to be constructed with stretchable materials that let you move comfortably and won’t restrict you from these flexible moves.


So, by analyzing all the discussion above, it is clear that the particular shoes designed for this game are must gear for playing a pickleball game. Because these shoes are constructed well with high-quality insoles, midsoles, and outsoles to bear the aspects of court floors, they offer reliability, comfort, and high traction and don’t let to stop in the middle of the game.

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