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9 Best Pickleball Shoes For Bunions in 2023

As a professional athlete, I have experienced horrible issues related to my feet, as Bunions are one of my most common issues.

Bunions can be unbearable, and your feet can feel achy and sore after you play your pickleball game. I decided to research the best pickleball shoes for bunions, as orthopedic experts test all these models. 

Our deep research and testing procedures show that the product below is the best and top-rated bunion pickleball shoes in many aspects. These shoes have a secure fit, roomy toe, and excellent arch support, lightweight and comfortable.

List of Best Pickleball Shoes For Bunions

What are the best shoes for bunions?

Here is the list of the best pickleball shoes for bunions.

#1. K Swiss Women’s Express Light

K Swiss Women’s Express Light

In the competitive market of footwear, K Swiss is one of the first brands to launch court shoes for pickleball games as it is one of the fastest, well-known, and growing sports worldwide. Express Light Pickleball is making pickleball shoes to offer comfortable and durable footwear at reasonable costs. 

In addition, the shoes are lightweight, breathable, and support on-court movement and sound performance needed for the game. 

Moreover, it is in one shoe with unique and innovative features ideal for new and professional players. Under $200, this bunions pickleball shoe has a customized sock liner; the K Swiss pickleball brand has unique shoe specifications. Furthermore, the shoe is suitable for hard court and clay-made courts.

Key Features

  • Ortholite sock liner in the shoe offers moisture management to avoid bunions with anti-microbial properties to keep feet cool and dry. It also minimizes the effects of perspiration. 
  • K EVA’s special formula provides maximum cushioning and increased midsole durability. 
  • The heel grip lining has interlocking fibers that can grip the sock to decrease heel slippage.


  • Ortholite sock liner
  • Interlocking fiber grips
  • Extra absorbing form
  • Cushioned inner
  • Offer a different level of defense


  • Limited warranty

Who should buy this product

The K Swiss footwear brand is the best option for laborers and workers working on construction outdoor sites. 

#2. New Balance Women’s 806

New Balance Women’s 806

For those searching for motion control in their foot, New Balance 806 tennis shoes are the ideal durable and stable option for all types of court sorts. However, its supportive midsole, comfortable lining, and maximum traction give the ultimate combination for effective and enjoyable gameplay.

Therefore, these shoes are best for narrow feet and are the only brand that offers suitable shoes to avoid bunions. 

Moreover, the shoe is very stable for turning and twisting on a court or walking. The shoe is ideal for new balance quality but too narrow from the toe for 40-year-old players but suitable for adult players.

Besides, its midsole features ROLLBAR with lateral and medial TPU to give ultimate motion control. Furthermore, the shoe’s upper is characterized by full-grain leather to offer optimal durability and support.

Key Features

  • The shoe offers maximum arch support enough for plantar fasciitis, and it snugs fit on the heel to prevent movement from aggravating fascitis. 
  • Nonmarking rubber outsole does not leave marks on the floor and offers maximum durability on various surfaces.
  • The midsole is lightweight to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and sweat-free, as it provides support and cushioning. 
  • Maximum shock absorption in the shoe comes due to the high level of cushioning in the inner sole. 


  • Optimal support
  • Maximum traction
  • Higher grip
  • Comfortable wear


  • Narrow from the toe box

Who should buy this product

Whether male or female, pickleball players should opt for New Balance 806 shoes because of maximum traction and control to create the best combination of effective gameplay. 

#3. ORTHOFEET Arch Support Mary Janes

ORTHOFEET Arch Support Mary Janes

Mary Janes shoes for women got their name after the recommendation of Orthofeet Celina, who was an orthopedic specialist.

It features a comfortable arch support with a non-binding upper for a secure and perfect fit with maximum protection against pressure points. With its bio-mechanical expertise, Orthofeet footwear aims to design the world’s most comfortable women’s jery land shoes. 

Despite all these features, the premium orthotic insoles and cushioned soles enhance stability, soften steps, and improve mobility. The deep, wide top box, soft upper, and extra depth design ease pressure on bunions and hammer toes, making the shoe the best solution for hammer toes. 

Key Features

  • Orthofeet Mary Jane shoes are made with unique features to offer the user comfort and pain relief.
  • Ergonomic ortho-feet insoles with a mild rocker design are helpful to repel the foot forward to add spring to your step with minimal joint motion. 
  • Premium orthoptic insoles having anatomical arch support control help ease stress and overpronation on the joints of the foot, hips, knees, and lower back. 
  • A smooth and soft interior with padded foam increases comfort and provides excellent protection for sensitive feet for diabetic, arthritis, and neuropathy patients. 


  • Padded foam
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ergonomic soles


  • Not for old age people

Who should buy this product

Orthopedic Maryland women’s shoes are ideal for all patients with diabetes, orthopedic issues, and arthritis. 

#4. K SWISS Express Light Shoe

K SWISS Express Light Shoe

K Swiss Express light pickleball shoe is one of the best ones to make you feel like you are flying across your courts of the game because of its secure and responsive design and agile construction.

It is a lightweight shoe to keep your movements easy and quick but in a controlled way so that you execute sport easily and comfortably. 

Moreover, the Express liner features a sock liner that stops moisture from entering your shoe to keep your feet dry and moisture-free. Therefore, to give you a feel of the breeze, an additional heel grip offers extra traction and grip and prevents unnecessary movements within the shoe construction. 

Key Features

  • Due to arch support, the mid-foot protection extends the stability and safety of your feet while making quick moves on the court. 
  • To keep your feet comfortable, the sock liner keeps sweat out and under control by keeping the moisture out and improving the feel of breathability. 
  • Stability in the shoe is very apparent because the thermal plastic plantar support chassis defends against twisting. 
  • Its non-marking design makes traction an excellent feature on any court and herringbone outside. 


  • Plastic plantar support
  • More traction
  • Breathable inner
  • Greater grip


  • It cannot be worn outside

Who should buy this product

Those customers who tend to have clean indoor environments in their game plays to access perfect fit and size should go for K Express shoes. 

#5. FitVille Court Pickleball Shoe

FitVille Court Pickleball Shoe

The Fitville Court pickleball shoe incorporates all the essential features of court shoes for any indoor court-played game, especially for pickleball.

It has all the functional attributes needed for peak performance at the best price. It is a contemporary tennis shoe with a fresh perspective, available in white, black, orange, and khaki colorways. 

Also, the shoe is specially designed for recreational, beginners, and professional players as it features a torsion-resistant and increased non-slip design. Playing with these shoes allows you to walk freely and play pickleball and tennis on every court surface. 

Key Features

  • Honeycomb insoles and outsoles keep the moisture out and keep your feet well protected from sweat and humidity to prevent dryness.
  • A wide toe box is helpful to offer more room to the front of your foot and a better cushioning experience for those with wide feet.
  • The outer surface has mesh lining, making the shoe slip-resistant and protecting against wet and slippery surfaces. 
  • Thanks to its lightweight design, you can easily carry it for any outdoor activity with ease and comfort. 


  • Honeycomb soles
  • Moisture humidity and sweating
  • Gripped and full of traction
  • Wide toe box


  • Slightly expensive

Who should buy this product

As this brand includes a wide toe for lateral and free movements, professional players of tennis and pickleball and recreational activity lovers should purchase this footwear at any cost offered. 

#6. ASICS Gel Renma Shoes

ASICS Gel Renma Shoes

Asics Gel Renma is a type of court shoe introduced by Asics that is specially made for pickleball but can also be used for squash and other indoor court shoes.

The shoe’s design is adaptable to different levels of players, from beginner to professional players, and has a good grip on the sole. In addition, the shoe’s upper is quite durable but lacks a bit of breathability. 

Moreover, the shoe is manufactured explicitly for those pickleball players who want to take the game to the next level. Making multi-directional movements in the game helps to increase your control and stability. Furthermore, the shoe’s midsole is flexible to improve support while reducing excessive twisting. 

Key Features

  • Flexible grooves in the outsole are strategically lined and positioned to accommodate multidirectional movements.
  • The wrap-up outsole is paired with a broad guage to produce more balanced and smoother movements. 
  • It is very comfortable and supportive due to its advanced features, having good grip and control on many indoor courts to avoid slipping.  


  • Proper cushioning
  • Grip control 
  • Best for indoor and outdoor courts
  • Breathable materials


  • Not for intense games

Who should buy this product

The sneakers are unique in all means, and all skill-level pickleball players should buy these shoes because they make them for pickleball players.  

#7. Elite Choice Diabetic

Elite Choice Diabetic Adjustable Shoes

The lightweight pickleball shoes for women adopt a light, soft, and mesh-quality upper made of high-quality material. Therefore, it will make you feel comfortable and inner, keep your feet dry and breathable, and prevent odors.

Besides, the heel of the shoe is reinforced with durable hard material to avoid lameness and to improve stability while walking. 

In addition, the shoe is specially made to avoid swelling in women’s feet while doing outdoor activities and playing pickleball. These shoes are perfect for all sizes and are a perfect fit and sng for many. Despite these features, the shoes are lightweight, and their length is acceptable for many skill-level players. 

Key Features

  • The company ideally produces shows for almost all foot sizes without break-in periods.
  • It offers much support and room, while the heel fits snugly for easy, controlled movements. 
  • Proprietary gel technology is helpful to increase shock absorption to save your joints and heels.   


  • Lightweight
  • Shocking absorption
  • Perfect lacing fit
  • Replaceable insoles


  • The heel does not fit properly

Who should buy this product

The model is one of the best options for those with hammer toes because they are made to offer extra space and openings on the top of shoes to give additional comfort. 

#8. K Swiss Express Light

K Swiss Express Light Shoes

K Swiss is one of the first footwear brands in the USA. However, the company aimed to offer a lightweight, comfortable, and breathable shoe that supports the court’s best movements and performance needed for the game. The shoe is ideal for beginner or professional players as it is round on the courts. 

Moreover, it is also best to use in hard and clay courts because it is made on the special request of pickleball players. K Swiss brand shoe makes you feel like you are flying across the courts because of its agile construction and responsive and secure design.

Besides, this lightweight shoe feature keeps your movements quick but controlled to execute the playing movements efficiently.  

Key Features

  • The shoe can be used on any court due to less traction, thanks to its non-marking design and herringbone outsole.
  • It is made with thermal plastic plantar that protects 180 degrees and defends against twisting.
  • The sock liner offers you greater comfort and keeps sweat under control by wicking away moisture and improving the feel of breathability. 


  • Arch support
  • Herringbone outsole
  • Thermal plastic plantar
  • Breathability


  • Not recommended for men

Who should buy this product

This model is the most suitable for women players and workers who want to work and play on outdoor courts and sites. 

#9. ASICS Women Gel Dedicate

ASICS Women Gel Dedicate Shoe

Another shoe for bunions, we have chosen the Asics women’s shoes, which are constructed with unique and advanced features with perfect high-quality materials.

The shoe’s Outsole is constructed with high-density rubber and compound, a resilient material that reduces wear. Drag guards on heels and toe areas prevent abrasion in high-contact locations. 

In addition, the ASICS shoe features a sock liner that stops the moisture from entering the inner of the shoe to keep your feet feeling breeze-like and dry. An additional grip on the heel offers extra traction and prevents unnecessary movements within the shoe frame. 

Key Features

  • Mid-foot arch protection in the shoe is best to support your feet for extended stability while making quick movements and adjustments on the court.
  • The shoe’s upper is made with durable material, and the dura wrap prevents tow dragging to avoid trips, slows down movement, and prevents damage to the shoe.
  • Its midsole is made with extra light material to feel pillowy and cushioned but soft to support the chassis to ensure a secure fit.


  • Extra light materials
  • Dura wrap materials
  • Cushioned feet
  • Affordable prices


  • Limited warranty

Who should buy this product

All pickleball and racket court players should opt for these shoes for superior traction, durability, and support. 


What are the best shoes for bunion feet?

The shoes with broad toes, excellent shock absorption, and breathable mesh uppers are the best for bunion feet. 

Are sketchers good for bunions?

With research more than 200 years ago, the sketcher is psoriasis and specially designed for people with bunions. 

Is walking barefoot better for bunions?

In some cases, barefoot walking can be the best option to solve foot bunion issues. But in other cases, it is not an ideal option. 

Do bunion-correcting shoes work?

No bunion-correcting shoes do not work because these shoes offer short-term relief for the pain associated with a bunion. 

Can you live with a bunion without surgery?

Unluckily, bunions do not go away independently and cannot be reversed either. Once you have a bunion, it will likely grow with time, and in most cases, surgery is not required to solve the bunion. 


So, having the right pair of shoes is essential if you have bunions on your feet. Thankfully, there are a lot of models of pickleball shoes that can be the best options to select from. All the models discussed above, with their reviews, pros, and cons, can give you a clear view of innovative and advanced features to decide easily and, ideally, which one to opt from.

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